Jeff Stringer

Director, Production Tech.

JEFF STRINGER brings a broad range of technical and production management experience to his role as Director of Production Technology.

His first job in film was managing technical operations for Tippett Studio’s first CG VFX project, Starship Troopers.

More recently he worked as Head of the Digital Studio for VFX powerhouse Digital Domain, where he oversaw production and technology for several blockbusters, including The Day After Tomorrow, I, Robot, The Golden Compass, Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean .

Jeff came to LAIKA in 2008 and now of manages a team of technical directors and software developers. Jeff and his group develop cutting-edge tools and technologies to support the broad range of creative artists at work on LAIKA’s feature film projects.

At home, he loves to cook; his specialty: carnitas.


Not appropriate for a family website.

Childhood Dream Occupation

Tap Dancer.

Favorite Color