Norman Babcock

Extra-Sensory Everyboy

Has always been a bit...abnormal. But it’s hard to be normal when you have to deal with being a typical 12-year-old kid and the added troubles that come with being able to talk to the dead, which makes him the undisputed black sheep of the family. Born and raised in Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts—a town that takes great pride in its witch-hunting history—Norman and his peculiar powers are met with skepticism, pity, and bullying from his nosy and closed-minded neighbors. Little do those neighbors know that having someone who can talk to the dead comes in pretty handy when a 300-year-old curse comes to destroy their town.



Freak, Goober, AbNorman, Freakshow, Geekula, Dork, Weiner (none of these are his idea).

Childhood Dream Occupation

Zombie Movie Maker.

Favorite Color

Zombie Green.