Hard-boiled hero

Knows next to nothing about his real bio. But he knows just about everything about what the best-tasting bugs are, building complex machines out of junk, and how to sneak around the city of Cheesebridge undetected. That’s because Eggs is a feral 11-year-old boy who was raised underground by the Boxtrolls after being found alone by Fish and Shoe, during a night of scavenging. As he grows up, it gets harder and harder for Eggs to convince himself that he’s a Boxtroll, especially when he starts noticing how many similarities he shares with those non-geometric beings called humans. But it’s doubtful that Eggs will ever lose his love of Boxtroll cuisine.



Also known as the Trubshaw Baby.

Childhood Dream Occupation

Boxtroll Bandleader.

Favorite Color