Ty Johnson

Lead RP CG Modeler
"As a native Oregonian, I'm especially proud to be part of LAIKA's story and have been since interning here in 2005. Before my foray into rapid prototyping, I created digital assets for LAIKA's development team and LAIKA/house. Nowadays I model the heads of LAIKA's many heroes and heroins. This includes engineering articulating eyes, glowing ears and magnetic face systems. Whilst doing so I consider physical limitations of real-world materials, mechanical tolerances -- and do battle with quirky 3D printers. More importantly I continue to document and improve existing workflows, helping others apply their CGI backgrounds to rapid prototyping just as I have."
Random Fact: "The chief export of Ty Johnson is pain."

豬豬 (Mandarin for Pig-Pig).

Childhood Dream Occupation

Alligator wrestler.

Favorite Color

Glitter... that's a color right?