Brian McLean

Director of Rapid Prototype

The recipient of a Scientific And Engineering Award (Academy Plaque) from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, BRIAN MCLEAN serves as Director of Rapid PrototypeHis department unites the complex technological elements of 3D printing with animation at the studio. In 2005, while working as a classically trained sculptor and model-maker in San Francisco, Brian was exposed to 3D printing. Shortly thereafter, he initiated the introduction of 3D printing on the studio's inaugural film Coraline. Brian continues to be instrumental in the further groundbreaking developments and refinements of 3D printer technology for stop-motion at LAIKA and around the world. In 2009, Brian won an Annie Award for Special Achievement in Animation for his work on Coraline and, following the release of ParaNorman, was named by Variety as one of 2012's "Animation Elite.”