TrevorĀ Dalmer

Production Designer

A short story written by TREVOR DALMER about Trevor Dalmer: Trevor Dalmer was raised in a small fishing village near Toronto. The harsh northern climate and unpredictable wildlife made it difficult to venture more than a few kilometers from his home. It wasn’t until 2004 that Trevor braved the shifting glaciers and roaming polar bears to travel to Sheridan College, a small art school in remote Oakville, Ontario.

Having never seen a computer, Trevor worked tirelessly putting caribou-bone pencil to paper, perfecting his art. Finally, during one of his nature walks, Trevor was fortunate to cross paths with a wandering recruiter from an animation studio in Portland, Oregon.

Hearing stories of talented art students training in this rugged country, the intrepid recruiter donned a pair of snowshoes and ventured across the border to explore the fables. The recruiter, confused by the language and dizzy from maple syrup, agreed to bring Trevor to America to work at LAIKA and enjoy all the spoils of the modern world.