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LAIKA/house Captures Holiday Gift Design Award From HOW Magazine

LAIKA/house's 2009 Holiday GiftJANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011: In the first 2011 issue of HOW Magazine, LAIKA/house won a special Merit Award for the design of its annual holiday gift packaging. Conceived and designed entirely by HOUSE crew, the packaging was inspired by the lacing on a corset and the “green” mentality of the Pacific Northwest.

This is the second award for LAIKA/house from the popular design magazine.

Director Chris Butler Among Tomorrow’s Toon Talent

JUNE 3, 2010: Chris Butler was recognized as one of Variety’s “Top Ten Animators Poised to Become Household Names.”  According to Variety: “Hand-picked by Henry Selick as head of story on Coraline, Butler is set to steer one of his original ideas to the bigscreen at Portland-based (LAIKA) studio… The Surrey Institute of Art and Design grad started in the ad world, where he says, ‘I became the go-to guy to design stuff according to any influence’ — a quality that led to his first feature gig, a sequence tracing Tigger through art history in The Tigger Movie.”  Read the article here.

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