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Mike Cachuela Visits CalArts

FEBRUARY 25, 2011: Director Mike Cachuela stopped by his Alma mater, CalArts, and gave a two hour presentation to students, discussing his career path as well as his approach to animation, film-making and acting, showing examples of his animated and live action films, from his collegiate portfolio to his professional career.  A student in Character Animation at CalArts, Mike’s credits include: Coraline, FernGully, Toy Story, The Life Aquatic, The Incredibles, Corpse Bride and Ratatouille.

LAIKA/house “Frito Lay Dips” Spot Nominated For Annie Award

DECEMBER 6, 2010: The CG spot for Frito Lay Dips, And Then There Was Salsa, was nominated for an Annie Award for Best Animated Television Commercial. This is LAIKA/house’s first nomination for a 100-percent CG spot. Director: Nicholas Weigel.

LAIKA Helps Bid Adieu to Oregon Governor Kulongoski

DECEMBER 17, 2010: Outgoing Governor Ted Kulongoski was honored at the annual meeting of the Oregon Governor’s Office of Film and Television. A section of Coraline and three clips from HOUSE commercial spots for Frito Lay Dips, M&M’S and Planters were key parts of the video montage, which featured the films and broadcast work that was produced in Oregon since 2003, during his two terms in office.

Moongirl Plays At Benefit In Ohio

JANUARY 29, 2011: The Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio screened Moongirl as part of a monthly family program called Hoot which benefited the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.  The Gateway Film Center is central Ohio’s first dedicated film center and features a diverse mix of independent and commercial film.

Summit Offers Insights Into 3D Technology, Availability

SEPTEMBER 15, 2010: Brian Van’t Hul participated on a panel called: “The Drivers in Creative: 3D Content and Creative Story Telling; The Post Avatar Generation” at the Hilton in Universal City on September 15. Panelists shared the highs and lows they often encounter with their new 3D tools. In addition to Brian, participants included: Steven Poster, President Of International Cinematographers Guild; Brian Rogers, Producer, Godzilla; Buzz Hays, Executive Stereoscopic 3D Producer, Sony Technology Center; Frederik Du Chau, Writer/Director; Jeff Maynard, Head of Post Production Technology, The Weinstein Company. Moderator: David Cohen, Associate Editor, Features, Variety.   Jeffrey Katzenberg of DreamWorks Animation, delivered the summit’s keynote address.  For more information, click here.

Comic-Con Panel Explores Creative Process

JULY 22, 2010: LAIKA President and CEO Travis Knight sat on a panel at Comic-Con called “The Spark of Imagination” on Thursday, July 22. The panel offered a peek inside the minds of leading authors and filmmakers and explored how imagination informs the creative process. Knight talked about LAIKA’s commitment to bold subject matter; New York Times-bestselling children’s author Tony DiTerlizzi (The Spiderwick Chronicles) detailed the precedent-setting augmented reality used in his new Simon & Schuster novel The Search for Wondla; artist/writer Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy) pinpointed how and where inspiration strikes; director John Stevenson (Kung Fu Panda) explored how creativity is enhanced by artistic collaboration in movie-making; and graphic novelist Doug TenNapel (Earthworm Jim) described exactly how a blank page comes to be inhabited with his compelling imagery.

The panel was moderated by Geoff Boucher, reporter and HeroComplex.com blogger with The Los Angeles Times. More information here.

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