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LAIKA, LAIKA/house Highlight Community College Animation Exhibit

MARCH 8-APRIL 22, 2011: Artwork and sets from Coraline to Frito Lay Dips were on display at a Clackamas Community College exhibit called: “Process: The Hidden Art of Animation.” The exhibit ran from March 8-April 22 at the Alexander Gallery in the Niemeyer Center.  Coraline puppets — including Coraline, Real Mother, Real Father and several Scottie Dogs — were on display next to Coraline’s Real World and Other World bedroom sets.  In addition, the show featured LAIKA/house design images from the CG spot And Then There Was Salsa for Frito Lay Dips.  Clackamas Community College’s Oregon City Campus is located at: 19600 Molalla Avenue in Oregon City, Oregon.

LAIKA Helps Bid Adieu to Oregon Governor Kulongoski

DECEMBER 17, 2010: Outgoing Governor Ted Kulongoski was honored at the annual meeting of the Oregon Governor’s Office of Film and Television. A section of Coraline and three clips from HOUSE commercial spots for Frito Lay Dips, M&M’S and Planters were key parts of the video montage, which featured the films and broadcast work that was produced in Oregon since 2003, during his two terms in office.

Coraline Opens 3D Screen Near Seoul

NOVEMBER 6 2010: Coraline became the first 3D film to play at the Komacon Theater in Bucheon, South Korea.  The screening was in conjunction with the 12th Puchon International Student Animation Festival (PISAF).  PISAF’s short film competition had more than 1100 entries from 38 countries.

Chicago Schools Welcome Coraline During Children’s Festival

OCTOBER 29, 2010: In conjunction with the 27th annual Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (CICFF), LAIKA visited four under-served high schools and presented visuals from Coraline – including behind-the-scenes footage and making-of imagery.  CICFF is the only Academy Award®-qualifying children’s film festival in the world.

LAIKA At Center Stage In Ottawa

OCTOBER 20, 2010: LAIKA was a major participant at the 2010 Ottawa International Animation Festival.  LAIKA took part in the festival’s Animation Celebration and also sponsored the popular Salon des Refusés, a two-night event that showcases and screens films rejected by the Ottawa festival jury.   At the Animation Celebration, held at the National Gallery of Canada, LAIKA presented an inside look into the world of Coraline and a screening of Moongirl.  More than 800 children attended.

Animation Workshops Highlight Science Festival In St. Louis

OCTOBER 16, 2010: Georgina Hayns and Brad Schiff led two animation workshops and presentations of the creative process for more than 50 kids, ages 10-15, at SciFest ’10 International Science Festival in St. Louis.  The workshop was held on October 16.   Students learned the intricate details of how the Coraline puppets were constructed and also had a chance to animate short sequences.  The entire piece was shown at the conclusion of each workshop.  The event also featured behind-the-scenes content from the making-of Coraline and production puppets from the movie were on display. For more information, click here.

Coraline On Display At Portland International Airport

SETPEMBER 19, 2010: Coraline, The Cat and the 1/4 Scale Garden were on display at the Portland International Airport from September 19 through March 30, 2011.  Titled “3D Film, Then and Now – Innovations in the Pacific Northwest,” the installation was located on the D/E Concourse, past security.  The exhibit also featured vintage stereoscopic viewers, including original View-Masters that were made in Oregon.

Coraline The Featured Installation In Yakima

SEPTEMBER 24, 2010: A Coraline installation appeared at the Central Washington State Fair in Yakima September 24 – October 3 as part of the traveling State Fair Pop Culture Exhibit. The Coraline display included early character designs from Shane Prigmore, Tadahiro Uesugi and Dan Krall.

Coraline Opens Festival In Greece

SEPTEMBER 30, 2010: Coraline was the opening film at the Animasyros 3.0 International Animation Festival and Forum on Syros Island, Greece.  LAIKA/house Designer/Director Gesine Krätzner attended the festival and led a presentation on animation design.

Coraline Appears At California Exhibitions

JUNE 29, 2010: A Coraline puppet and early Coraline character designs from Shane Prigmore, Tadahiro Uesugi and Dan Krall were on display at the California State Fair Pop Culture exposition in Sacramento from July 15 – August 1.  The same exhibit appeared at the Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood, from June 29 – July 16. The display was in cooperation with the Science and Technology Council at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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