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LAIKA/house “Frito Lay Dips” Spot Nominated For Annie Award

DECEMBER 6, 2010: The CG spot for Frito Lay Dips, And Then There Was Salsa, was nominated for an Annie Award for Best Animated Television Commercial. This is LAIKA/house’s first nomination for a 100-percent CG spot. Director: Nicholas Weigel.

LAIKA/house Captures Holiday Gift Design Award From HOW Magazine

LAIKA/house's 2009 Holiday GiftJANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011: In the first 2011 issue of HOW Magazine, LAIKA/house won a special Merit Award for the design of its annual holiday gift packaging. Conceived and designed entirely by HOUSE crew, the packaging was inspired by the lacing on a corset and the “green” mentality of the Pacific Northwest.

This is the second award for LAIKA/house from the popular design magazine.

“Surfrider” Competes at Ottawa

OCTOBER 20, 2010: The Surfrider Foundation’s ‘Rise Above Plastics’ has been selected for the Official Competition in the Promotional Animation Category at the Ottawa 2010 International Animation Festival from October 20-24.

The spot, which was directed by Aaron Sorenson, was one of 89 films selected for competition from a field of 2092 entries.

Learn more about the festival.

LAIKA/house Sweeps Up Five Telly Awards

AUGUST 2, 2010: The winners are:

SILVER – Oregon Lottery “5,000 Watt Sweater” for “Use of Animation” and “Art Direction.”

SILVER – Missouri Lottery “Ginger-pult” for “Use of Animation” and “Use of Humor.”

BRONZE – Earth2O “Keep it Real” for “Use of Animation.”

The Telly Awards honor the very best local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs, as well as the finest video and film productions, and work created for the Web. Silver is the highest honor.

Aaron Sorenson directed “Ginger-pult” and “Keep it Real.” Eric Wiese directed “5,000 Watt Sweater” and Patrick Long illustrated.

Mouse Wins Best Animation At Comic-Con

JULY 25, 2010: Kyle Bell was awarded Best Animation for his work on the short film The Mouse That Soared at the 2010 Comic-Con International Film Festival. It was the eleventh year of the competition.  Other nominees included animation legends Phil Tippett and Bill Plympton.  The judges of the four day festival within Comic-Con were Lloyd Kaufman, Kerry O’Quinn and Mike Roush.  More information here.

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