Portland’s Hollywood Theatre To Host Stop-Motion Workshop For Kids

DECEMBER -TBD-2011: The Hollywood Theatre will offer an Animate It! workshop in December at the historic venue, located at 4122 NE Sandy Blvd.  Sponsored by LAIKA, the weekend event will  introduce the art of stop-motion to 2nd – 4th grade students.  For details and reservations, call (503) 281-4215.

“Instructors are concocting some very special adventures for the young animators,”  said Justen Harn, Director of Programs and Community Engagement at the Hollywood Theatre.

Each participant will produce their own short, which, upon culmination of the workshop, will be shown on the big screen.  “This memorable weekend will foster creativity, peer to peer support and instill an appreciation for stop-motion while also deepening their connection to their community,” Harn said.

The Hollywood Theatre is a n0nprofit organization whose mission is to entertain, inspire, educate and connect the community through the art of film while preserving a Portland landmark.  For more information, click here.

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