LAIKA Nominated For Wheelie Award

SEPTEMBER 12, 2011: LAIKA was nominated for a Wheelie, an award that is given out every two years to a socially responsible Oregon-based company.

As a High Road Business Award nominee, LAIKA was specifically recognized for its commitment to the community and to the environment.  Two of LAIKA’s internal initiatives, Soul Corps and Gang Green, were singled out by the Bus Project, the organization responsible for the Wheelies.  Soul Corps, LAIKA’s community outreach program,  provides assistance to several nonprofits that support the arts and community enrichment.  LAIKA’s sustainability program, Gang Green, promotes ecology within the company.

The Wheelie Awards ceremony was held October 10 at 7:00 PM at Portland’s Gerding Theater.  For more information about the Wheelies and the Bus Project, click here.

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