LAIKA/house Animates Planters’ Peanut Butter Doug

JUNE 24, 2011: The ongoing Planters Mr. Peanut campaign recently introduced a new character to the mix – “Peanut Butter Doug.” Animated by LAIKA/house, the dubious and adventurous stunt double of Mr. Peanut — made his debut in a 44-second, stop-motion online video on the Mr. Peanut Facebook page on June 23. Identical to Mr. Peanut with the exception of a goatee and aviator sunglasses, “Peanut Butter Doug” is the nut sent in to take the “crushes” for Mr. Peanut and champion Planters Peanut Butter.

Meet “Peanut Butter Doug” and the other three spots in the campaign.

Agency: Being
Director: Mark Gustafson

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